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Grant Program

The Friends of South Carolina Libraries (FOSCL) offers grants in amounts up to $250 for support of library Friends organizations in SC. The grants are intended to assist friends groups with an emphasis on the following purposes:

Expenses related to the formation/incorporation of a group Expenses related to obtaining 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status for a group
Expenses related to the revitalization of a “dormant” group Expenses related to the initiation of new or innovative programs/technology designed to foster local library support which are principally sponsored by a library friends group

Friends Groups submitting applications must be a member of FOSCL.

Grant recipients are expected to provide a report at the next Friends of South Carolina Library meeting.

Applications should include all of the following information and a one page narrative.
Bullet Name, mailing address, and phone number of         Library/Friends Group
BulletName, mailing address, email address (if available), and         phone number of person(s) submitting the application
Bullet Number of members of the Local Friends Group for        previous year and years in existence
Bullet Budget and/or expenditures of Friends group for        previous year
Bullet Proposed Budget (explain how funds will be used in the        narrative): Grant Funds Requested Other Funds Available        Total
BulletSignature of Friends Group President and Signature of        Library System Director

The one page narrative should include: Goal of the Project, Need(s) to be addressed, Timeline, Proposed Activities, how funds will be used and any clarifying information you feel is needed.

Priority will be given to Friends Groups who have not previously received a grant.

Applications will be reviewed and approved by the FOSCL Board during their quarterly business meetings. Questions concerning the grant program may be emailed to:

DEADLINE: Applications: May 31, 2021

Initial implementation of grant activities: Before December 31, 2021

Applications should be mailed to Friends of South Carolina Libraries, PO Box 11121, Columbia, SC 29211 or sent to

Click here to download application

PO Box 11121, Columbia, SC 29211

Last Updated: March 22, 2021